Comprehending the Indicators of Your Check Engine Light

When the check engine light in your vehicles turns on, you would wonder whether it is an indication of any serious trouble or not. You should note that the signal is designed to turn on when the engine system of the vehicle develops some issues. You should note that some of those issues are not severe and can be addressed with a quick inspection and replacement of some components.

Several things can cause the light to turn on, and they include faulty oxygen sensor, loose or non-functional gas cap, failing catalytic converter, faulty mass airflow sensor, and more. It can also become dysfunctional due to spark plugs and wires, and that can lead to a misfire.

If you experience any check engine light issues, you can consult with our service team here at San Tan Ford who are experts in providing excellent inspection and repair services in Gilbert, AZ. As a Ford-trained team, our technicians will provide you comprehensive and long-lasting solutions to the needs of your vehicle.

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