Why You Should Care About Tire Pressure

It's always important to ensure that your tires are maintaining the right level of pressure. Tires that are inflated correctly will improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency and provide a more enjoyable ride, whereas poorly inflated tires can cause all manner of problems. These problems include reduced gas mileage, reduced traction on the road, damage to your wheels, or even a blowout.

When you bring your car in for service, it's important that you have your tire pressure checked, and make sure that they're inflated properly. It's recommended to inflate your tires to the pressure specified in the owner's manual of your vehicle, not the pressure specified on the sidewall of your tires. The pressure specified on your tires is the maximum recommended pressure of the tire, but your vehicle may have a different recommended pressure. Whenever possible, you should follow the recommended pressure of the vehicle and not the tire.

If you're in the Gilbert, AZ area and you believe that your tires may need to be serviced, or just want your pressure checked, stop by San Tan Ford today!



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