Avoid Expensive Repairs by Checking Your Cooling System

No one likes to pay for expensive car repairs. One of the simplest ways to avoid big repair bills is to keep your car’s radiator and cooling system running properly.

Engine combustion temperatures can exceed 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. If that heat isn’t removed, severe damage to the engine can occur. The cooling system prevents this from happening. By passing coolant through the hot parts of the engine, heat is removed and sent to the radiator. The fins on the radiator transfer that heat to the air around the engine.

A service person can check coolant levels and find leaks. It’s important to follow the service schedule recommended by the manufacturer. If you’ve noticed coolant underneath your car or your engine running hotter than normal, having your car looked at by a professional can prevent engine damage from overheating. Schedule an appointment at San Tan Ford in Gilbert, AZ today.

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