The Ford Fusion Energi Has Tech Features That Enhance Safety and Fuel Economy

One of the new technologies in the new Ford Fusion Energi is the SmartGauge with EcoGuide. This gauge helps you see in real time how efficiently your vehicle is driving and what you can do to improve fuel efficiency. You will see information on braking, battery power, gas power and whether your driving is maximizing engine efficiency.

A technological safety feature found in the new Ford Fusion Energi is the personal safety system. This system uses technology such as crash severity sensors and safety belt usage sensors to help deploy the airbags in case of a crash. It is just one other way that the Ford Fusion Energi is leveraging technology for safety and economy.

Take the Ford Fusion Energi for a test drive at San Tan Ford. Experience the powerful new technology in this latest plug-in hybrid from Ford.



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