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Is It the Right Time to Buy a Used Car?

If you are ready to purchase a car but still undecided if you should go new versus used, it is time to consider all the benefits to choosing a used car. Our showroom at San Tan Ford is ripe with a wide selection of the most affordable used cars in this region - making our staff a top choice for finding a used model in the greater Gilbert, AZ area.

The used car is going to be significantly cheaper than buying a new vehicle. Not only are you going to be saving money on the price tag, but you also pay…

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Take your summer to the next level with a Ford from San Tan Ford

San Tan Ford hopes all our favorite, loyal customers are thoroughly enjoying their summer months with the ones they love. There's always room for more excitement in your life, right? Why not include one of our many new or pre-owned Ford models that we offer at our showroom here in Gilbert?


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We’ve got a lovely selection of Ford models here at San Tan Ford and we know there's one that's perfect for you and all th

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Escape the Next Zombie Apocalypse With Some Extra Features From Ford

If you're extra, it means you're excess -- in other words, whatever it is that's being done could probably be done without you. Still, that being said, having a little something extra makes the product in question all the more special. We at San Tan Ford would sure rather be extra than basic. No one likes a basic bi--err--person. No one likes a basic person. Nevermind. We'll let the nice zombie lady tell it to you like it is in the video below.

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Thinking Alike: The Great Minds of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison

If giving someone a sealed test tube containing your last dying breath doesn't scream "BFFs!!!" we at San Tan Ford don't know what does. This is exactly what inventor Thomas Edison had his son deliver to Thomas Ford after his passing in 1931. The two innovators had worked collaboratively on and off since Ford's days as a chief engineer for Edison Illuminating Company back in the 1890s. At various points during their lives, the pair were co-workers, travelers, and neighbors. Edison can even be credited with encouraging Ford to pursue the idea of an electric-powered automobile.

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A Return to Vibrancy: Ford Fiesta Welcomes Fall Opportunities

Yes, fall means a return to structure, but it also means a whole new realm of fun-filled possibilities that no other season can offer. It means apple picking, haunted hayrides, crunchy piles of leaves, and -- obviously -- the highly-anticipated return of the pumpkin spice latte. If any of these fall specialties strike your fancy, than so will the Ford Fiesta. This crossover is always ready for a good time, rain or shine!

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Ford Taurus Keeps You and Your Wallet Safe and Sound

As you search for your next vehicle, two top priorities are safety and affordability. At San Tan Ford, we know this often leads customers to our wide selection of used Ford models. According to, models from the last five years include advanced technology features, like stability control, to keep you on track when you hit the road. Check out's list of most affordable and safe used car options in the link below, including the Ford Taurus.

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Happy Birthday, Ford Thunderbird!

Today we're throwing it back to September 10, 1955 -- the birthday of one of Ford's favorite and most luxurious "performance" models, the Ford Thunderbird. At the time, the "personal luxury car" segment had taken off, though the same cannot literally be said of the models within it. Cars like the Thunderbird possessed visually intriguing exteriors and accessories often at the expense of power and passenger capacity. From 1955 to 2015, this model experienced eleven generations of innovative improvements.

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