Galaxy Conversion Vans in Gilbert, AZ

Galaxy Vans: A World of "More"
More room for family and friends. More space to carry sports equipment, sofas and suitcases. More luxury, safety, versatility and just plain fun. Whether you choose a low-top or a high-top van, "more" is what a Waldoch Galaxy is about. Learn more about our Galaxy Vans today by checking out the information below or stopping into our Ford dealership near Phoenix, AZ today!

  • More Luxury: Enjoy the same comforts you find in your own living room (competitively priced with SUV's and mid-sized cars): leather sitting, plush carpet, molded trim, overhead lighting, pleated shades, even custom entertainment centers.

  • More Safety: Whether you're traveling across the country or just to the corner grocery store, the Galaxy's Safety Compliance Package lets you rest easy knowing that you family is safe.

  • More Versatility: The comfort of an RV for big trips. The cost-effectiveness of a minivan for after-school activities. The towing power of a truck. The Galaxy gives you the best of both worlds - while still fitting nicely into your garage.


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